Tips on Making your Car Last Longer

Tips on Making your Car Last Longer

We usually use our car on a daily basis, getting to and from work, running numerous errands and everything else in between. Sometimes we forget that our cars aren’t invincible and are subject to having problems, the longer we have them. With hectic schedules and constantly being on the go, it’s easy to sometimes forget about checking the maintenance on your car. When you give your car the proper maintenance and care it requires, it can make your car last much longer.

Whether you have just bought a new car that you intend to keep for a while, or you have an older car that you still want to maintain, there are many ways to increase the lifespan of your car. All your car needs is a little TLC every so often.

LV Collision Center Has Some Excellent Tips On Making Your Car Last Longer

Check Your Fluids

Just like humans need blood to survive, cars need fluids in order to survive. When your car doesn’t have an adequate amount of fluids, various amounts of problems can start to occur. It’s important to take a look at the color of your fluids a couple of times a month to make sure it isn’t dirty. Since oil changes only occur every 3-4 months, waiting until your next oil change to have your fluids checked (especially in an older car) can cause you to miss something vital going on with your car. If you are unsure about what to look for when checking fluids, have a trained auto technician take a look.

Maintain Regular Service Visits

Every car needs routine service to ensure it’s running properly and your car is no exception. Routine service visits give your car the attention it needs, from having the oil changed to checking your breaks and rotating your tires. Having your car serviced routinely can also help with the prevention of future problems which may occur if not properly checked.

Floor Your Car (Sometimes)

Yes, it’s true, when you floor your car you are burning up more fuel and causing strain on the engine, however, if used sparingly, flooring your car can have an overall great impact on your car. When you floor your car you actually help your car clean out carbon deposits that can get caught in the different valves of your car. Take your car on a nice long drive on the freeway, where it can be a lot easier to give your car a nice good pedal to the metal.

Don’t Neglect Your Filters

The next time you are having your car serviced or getting an oil change, it is important to ask about the filters of your car. The filters are designed to protect your engine from all the outside debris, which can cause major problems to your engine. When you neglect or put off having your filters changed, your car is at a higher risk of having mechanical issues.