Tips to Defensive Driving

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Did you know that defense driving ensures safety and saves fuel? And if you took classes for it, you can also save on your insurance premium. There’s a lot of benefits you can reap from awareness and skills, so the following are essential techniques to defensive driving.

Keep a Safe Distance

It is essential to maintain a safe distance while driving. Even though it’s possible to anticipate potential dangers, you never know what will happen to the vehicle in front of you. It’s reasonable that the car can make a sudden turn without signaling or stop without notice. Always keep a safe distance to avoid getting into an accident.

Avoid Larger Vehicles

If you happen to drive next to a truck, bus, or heavier vehicles, do your best to avoid them. Anticipate their distance, and plan strategically, so you’re within safe distances.

Avoid Blind Spots

Blind spots are when your car disappears through the driver’s mirror. With that in mind, they’re dangerous! Defensive drivers need to clearly identify when they’re in someone else’s blind spot and move away from it as soon as they’re safe.

Do not Get Distracted

Always drive cautiously. Avoid anything that will distract yourself from the road. Whether it’s your cell phone or radio, avoid it at all cost. Adjust your mirrors, so you have full control of your vehicle and always focus on the road.

Keep an Eye Out For Everything

It’s not just cars that you have to watch out for. Scan the road for animals, potholes, bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Always maintain a presence of mind that they’ll be around. Never go above the speed limit so you can control your vehicle if you find yourself in such situations.




Other Defensive Driving Tips

Do not Drink and Drive.
Always wear a seat belt.
Get a good night’s rest before you go for a long drive.
Do not speed.