The Rules of Negotiation

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The price you come up with is probably going to be in between what your dealers want and what you’re asking for. However, it’s important to do your homework before trying to negotiate with a dealer as they’re prepared to counter the offer. Look at the Consumer Reports to see how much the vehicle is valued and whether the asking price fair.

Establish Ground Rules

Instead of getting drawn into their sales pitch, kindly say the following:
-You’ve taken the car for a test drive already.
-You know what trim level you want, and which options to add if need be.
-You’ve researched the price at the configuration and the rough estimate of how much the dealership paid for it.
-You’ve already established the amount you’re willing to pay, and reassure that the dealer will get profit at your asking price.

After that, show the salesperson your rock-bottom offering price. At that point, you don’t want to tell them your competitive bids. Those that are amongst the upper range is also acceptable. Give the dealer your lowest amount, and you’re not willing to go any higher.

Throughout the entire transaction, you want to maintain a confident and friendly demeanor, so they’re more open to negotiating with you. For instance, you don’t want them to pivot the discussion to a completely off-set subject as this can prevent you from getting your desired proposal. Some dealers are also interested in a trade-in offer, but you may want to wait on that deal until you’ve set a price for the car you want to purchase.