The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

The Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

Putting the right oil in your vehicle is vital to improving the lifespan of your engine, but how do you know which kind of oil to use? Knowing which to use is confusing when there are so many signs and prices being offered at an oil change. At Las Vegas Collision Center, we’ve weighed the difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil. Before you even drive your car to get an oil change, do your research on the best oil for you, your car, and your wallet.

Synthetic Oil: This is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially manufactured. These oils were once found mostly in high-performance cars, but are now being used in more mainstream vehicles. Synthetic oils are made from a base of oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil that urges even distribution of the additives. These oils are pumped from deep underground and begin with refined crude oil.

Conventional Oil: This type of oil is extracted from the ground using drilling, pumping, and compression methods. It is a liquid at atmospheric temperature and pressure conditions which allows the oil to flow through the engine without additional stimulation. This oil tends to be less expensive and easier to find. If your car’s manufacturer is telling you to go with conventional oil, go with their recommendation.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

• They are known to better function in cold and extreme weather
• Clean engines and boost protection
• Fewer emissions
• Better fuel and oil economy
• Oil quality is more predictable and uniform
• Reduced engine drag
• Quicker engine start time

If you are open to spending a little more on good oil, synthetic is the way to go. According to AAA, synthetic oil engines perform 47% better than engines using conventional oil.

Benefits of Conventional Oil

• Easier to find
• More cost-effective
• Best for older engines
• Most likely what you are already using
• Does well with upgraded vehicles

Conventional oil is much cheaper than synthetic oil since the process is very different. Both have their unique advantages, but it is best to do your research and find what works best for you and your car.