How to Show Your Car Love on Valentine’s Day

How to Show Your Car Love on Valentine's Day

February 14th is a day that’s generally used to celebrate our love for others and show how much we care for our lovers, family, and friends through gifts, cards, chocolates, and flowers. But who says people are the only objects of our affection? This month, show some love for the one thing that safely gets you where you need to be: your vehicle.

5 Easy Ways to Love Your Car

Between daily commutes to weekend activities and trips out of town, you rely upon your car more than you realize. It’s important to maintain your vehicle so it’s always working and in good condition for when you need it most. Here are 5 ways to show your car some love on Valentine’s Day.

1. Make It Feel All Shiny and New

Show your love with more than just a spot wash for your car. Get a professional detail, and pamper your ride with a thorough scrub and shine! If you can’t get a full detail, grab a sponge and give it a little TLC on your own, and don’t forget the rims!

2. Be Comforting, Taking Care of Your Car’s Interior

Whether your ride is new or old, give your interior an overhaul with shampoo, a deep clean, or some cozy new seat covers. You might even wrap your steering wheel with a leather protector- a simple change that will save your hands from getting scalded in the summer!

3. Treat Your Vehicle to New Tires or Rims

Your car deserves to roll safely, and in style. Having a good set of tires will improve its overall performance and lifespan, too! If you already have a solid set of wheels, then why not treat your whip to some shiny new rims? You fancy, huh?!

4. Love Is In The Air

Love yourself and those who ride in your vehicle by keeping the air filters in your car clean. Breathe easy by adding a sensory experience inside your ride with air fresheners. Choose your favorite scent, spray, or gel and use inside your vents, under your seats, or in your glove compartment, and you’ll love every breath you take.

5. Upgrade to a Sweet Stereo System

If you can’t say it with words, then say it with sound by upgrading your car’s stereo system. By adding a CD player, satellite radio, or new sound system, you can serenade your sidekicks all year long and add value to your vehicle as well.