How to Prevent Car Accidents

image of a car accident

Car “accidents” are rarely true accidents.

That is why insurance companies assign fault to a driver in nearly all incidents that involve a claim. There is usually identifiable human error somewhere in the mix. But there’s good news. If you would like to greatly reduce the likelihood of being at fault in a car accident, there are some simple things you can do.

Good Driving Habits

We all know the classic bad behaviors that lead to accidents: texting; looking down or reaching for something in the vehicle; staring at something other than the traffic around you. What do all of these activities have in common? The driver’s eyes are off the road. This is the definition of distracted driving: you don’t know what is happening around you because you aren’t seeing it. Sure you can be distracted by your thoughts or emotions too. But this is harder to control or notice. Driving with your attention and eyes on the surrounding traffic is the most important thing you can do to prevent car accidents.

Teens Need to Practice Extra Restraint

For younger drivers there is also an additional critical factor that can help prevent car accidents: drive alone or with no more than one passenger. Studies show that when three or more teens are in the same vehicle, the driver’s judgement and focus level drop severely. Teens in this situation are much more likely to be injured as a result of an accident than if they are driving alone. You can probably deduce why. Teens feel social pressure to engage and taunt with one another. Most teens would have a challenge driving as responsibly alone as they will with their peers present.

Good habits and focus are all you need to greatly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a car wreck.