5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Car for Summer

5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Hot Weather

Surviving Las Vegas’ extreme heat can definitely be difficult, especially when it hits 120 degrees! But as we brace ourselves for another hot summer in the desert, it’s also crucial that our cars are ready too. Dry and high harsh temperatures can take an unfavorable toll on our vehicles and it’s important that we prepare our cars for the worst. The last thing you want is being stuck on the side of the highway under the boiling sun! It’s better to be safe than sorry, so check out these five easy tips that can save you down the road this summertime.

5 Car Tips for Hot Weather

1. Get your tires checked

Avoid your tires getting blown out by properly getting your tires checked. If you don’t have a tire tire gauge to check the pressure yourself, you can always take it down to your local auto shop for a professional examination or your closest gas station where they have air stations. Remember, when our cars are exposed to high temperatures, they expand.

2. Battery

If you don’t remember the last time you got your battery level checked, it’s important to do so when it gets hot. When you take it to get checked, an expert can let you know how much longer the battery will last or if it needs to be replaced. The batteries in our cars work double-time in extreme heat causing them to wear down faster than usual. You can always store an extra battery at home just in case!

3. Examine air-conditioning system

Especially if you do a lot of driving to work or school during the summer, the last thing you want is driving with an air conditioning system that doesn’t work. Not only is it uncomfortable for you but your passengers as well! Like getting other systems checked, you can also get this examined to make sure it’s running properly and efficiently.

4. Fill up fluids

Prevent your engine from overheating by filling up on your fluids or flushing them out– your engine coolant especially! Your engine coolant is crucial to saving your engine this summer and it prevents those expensive repairs that could happen down the line. Be sure that all your other fluids and oils are filled or replaced for a smoother drive every time.

5. Invest in window shades

Not everyone has the privilege of parking in a garage or shade. If your car is parked out in the sun all day long, investing in window shades can help your car’s interior from cracking or fading. Additionally, when your car is exposed to extreme heat all day long it can be filled with harmful chemicals!