How to Make Long Drives More Comfortable

How to Make Long Drives More Comfortable

Some people live for them, while other people avoid them as much as possible. When it comes time for road trips, it’s a love or hate relationship. For the road warriors out there, and even for those who loathe the long hauls, we have some sound advice on how to make long drives more comfortable.

Enjoy the Journey

Get plenty of rest beforehand

When you know you have a long drive ahead of you, it’s always a good idea to get as much rest as possible. Aside from the fact that you’ll be putting long hours on the road and you need to stay alert behind the wheel, ensuring that you’ve had plenty of rest also keeps things like road-rage at bay.

Have a plan

The idea of jumping in the car and hitting the wide-open road sounds fun, but not when you’re lost and have no idea where you’re going. Always have a plan, even if it’s just a loose plan. Figure out point A to point B; make sure you have enough gas stops in between; and if you’re the ultimate planning type, even check out fun pit stops like local restaurants and unique tourist attractions along the way.

Stash some cash

Cash is still king. Especially in areas where there is no wifi and ATMs. Also, toll roads are still a thing and not everyone takes credit. You never know when you’ll be stuck in a situation where you lose your credit card and need cash fast. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Pack for a snack attack

Gas station stock-ups can become costly, not to mention the unhealthy preservatives in most processed snacks that are purchased and consumed. Plan ahead and pack your snacks before you leave. This helps keep costs down, ensures you already like the snack options at hand, and depending on your health habits, it can even be better for your waistline, too!

Road maps are still needed

Printed road maps are still a good idea to keep in the car. This way, if your cell service stops working or you run out of gas, you still know approximately where you are and how much further you have until the next service station.

Use the buddy system

Another great tip on how to make long drives more comfortable is to have a travel buddy ride along with you! Whether it’s your partner or best friend, having another person in the vehicle is great for multiple reasons! This includes having someone to switch up driving duties; someone to talk to while keeping you alert, and having a co-pilot for directions!

Bring a spare

This should be common sense, but it’s also easy to overlook: always have a spare key and tire on hand when traveling long distances! If you lock yourself out of your car then you’re stuck until you can find a locksmith. Additionally, having a spare tire is always recommended for any side of the road malfunction, which can occur at any time!

CDs are sound advice

Last, make sure you have some good tunes available, especially in the form of CDs. Having a radio is great, but there are times when wifi and cell phone towers aren’t always reliable. Having your favorite CDs on hand, or a pre-loaded playlist is definitely a great way how to make long drives more comfortable!

And lastly,

In addition to having a plan, another great tip on how to make long drives more comfortable is to plan ahead by making sure your vehicle’s oil has been changed, tire pressure is correct, and that all lights and blinkers work properly.