How to Correctly Handle a Car Accident

How to correctly handle a car accident

No one will ever know an accident will happen, but everyone can know how to handle them the right way.

Handle a car accident in 5 easy steps

There are over 8 million car accidents that occur in the US each year. And although we may not prevent them entirely, hence the name “accident,” there are proper steps you should take to ensure a safe, smooth process. Even though it can be stressful, do your best to stay calm and focused, and remember these five important steps.

1. Stay safe

Safety is always first! If you and your car aren’t able to move for whatever reason, simply turn your hazard lights on and let other drivers know you’re incapable of moving. If the accident is minor, move your vehicle out of traffic and to a safe place. Shift your car into park, turn off the engine, and keep your hazard flashing. Take a moment to catch your breath and collect yourself before getting out of your car. Consider using flares or other road safety objects if they’re handy.

2. Seek help

Be sure it’s safe before getting out of your vehicle. Check on all parties involved including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians for any injuries. Call 911 immediately. Even if the accident is minor, a police report is highly recommended for the claim process and for a professional to conduct the scene.

3. Document the scene

Gather and exchange information from others involved in the accident. This includes, names and contact information of drivers and passengers, vehicle descriptions (make, model, year), driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, insurance information (company and policy numbers), eyewitnesses (names and contact info), location of scene, and the police officer’s name and badge number. It’s important to take photos of the scene and documents for reference. Be respectful and polite to all parties including law enforcement.

4. File a claim

Notify your insurance agent as soon as possible. If you’re unsure who to call, check the back of your insurance card for your insurer’s contact information. Be sure to comply and be as accurate as possible when giving the details of what happened. Remember to keep any related documents and information together for the duration of the claim process.

5. Call Las Vegas Collision Center

Bring in your vehicle as soon as you can and Las Vegas Collision Center will take it from there. We’ll get your vehicle back up and running in a better condition than it was before and you’ll be back on the road before you know it. We even offer free shuttle services, on-site car rentals, and a 24 hour towing for your convenience. Call us today at (855)658-8852 or (702)664-1510 and remember to always drive safe!