How to Drive Safely in High Wind

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Driving a car during high winds is a pressing safety concern for a lot of drivers which is why it’s imperative to prepare yourself for such situations. Remember, severe weather demands for your undivided attention which means turning off your phone to keep distractions away. If the weather makes it unmanageable for you to maneuver a vehicle, it’s safe to wait until the weather clears. But if you must, the following are tips to drive.

Driving in Heavy Winds

Las Vegas is one of the cities that have unforgiving winds. It may seem like a low risk, but the being aware of potential dangers could save you a headache. Keep in mind that high winds can happen anywhere and anytime. The most common areas for high winds are open spaces. But you can also experience them in tunnels and highway overpasses.

1. Expect gusts. Listen to the news to see which areas are predicted to have severe weather changes.

2. Pay attention to larger cars. Vehicles such as trailers, tractors, or recreational vehicles are more sensitive to winds which make it hard for them to stay in their lanes.

3. Maintain a grip on your wheel. This is not the best time to simply ‘guide’ the wheel. You want to keep both your hands on the steering wheel in case the wind blows your car out of the lane.

Whether you live in Las Vegas or another city, controlling your vehicle is imperative to your safety. Never underestimate high winds because while they might not seem like a big deal, they could be!