How to Detail Your Car

image of a car

Is it possible to boost your car’s value by doing a major clean up? The answer lies within a car dealership. So we gave them a call, and the response was astonishing. For a 2000 Totoya Corolla, the exterior did not look bad at all, but the interior was disgusting! It was valued at $2,500. Upon a $300 professional detailing, we assumed that it would receive a much higher quote, but to our surprise, it didn’t. You see, last-minute cleanup is evident to dealerships. Your car’s value also matters on your location and its demand for color and year.

So what can you do to get the most out of your vehicle? Maintenance. Detailed clean up will assist your car to stand out from the rest, and you can sell it for a higher price when negotiating privately.

Pay attention to the cup holders. If you’re looking for the dirtiest places in your car, it’s the cup holders. Place a clean, old sock over the bottom, spray with an all-purpose cleaner, and twist. Use a skewer to pick up the remaining dirt, and remove with a microfiber cloth.

Remove dirt from the crevices. As you check your car’s nooks and crannies, you’ll find keys, pens, mud, change, and other odd items. When you’re finished cleaning them up, pay close attention to the dirt. You can remove them using the same method as the cup holders since skewers are thin enough to get in the crevices.

The fabrics are going to need deep-cleaning. First, remove all dirt before spraying with an aerosol cleaner. When it’s dry, remove the remaining things with a vacuum. When you want to focus on deep-cleaning, rent a carpet extractor from the grocery store.

Washing your car should not happen in direct sunlight. Doing this will damage your paint because it gets too hot when you’re waxing and washing the car. Consider starting from the top and work your way down with gentle soap, wool mitt, and water.