6 Car Hacks Using Household Items

6 Car Hacks Using Household Items

Sometimes our car can work just as hard as ourselves. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to take care of our cars. In fact, there are common items currently in our households that we can easily use to show our cars some love. In this article, check out these six unexpected ways you can use these household items to simply maintain our cars.

6 Unexpected Car Hacks Using Common Household Items

1. Toothpaste

Fogged headlights can be a common issue for cars that’s been driving around for quite some time. The trick is to take a bit of toothpaste one a light cloth and gently buff the headlights for a few minutes. This simple trick will have your headlights looking shiny and bright!

2. Clear nail polish

A cracked windshield is the last thing you want while driving around town. In the meantime, take some clear nail polish, apply on the cracks, and you’ll be good to go until you’re ready to take your car into the auto body shop!

3. Baking soda

You don’t have to pay a leg and an arm to get your tires shined! Mix a bit of baking soda, dish soap, and warm water together and rub this mixture over your tires. You’ll be surprised how shiny they’ll appear!

4. Essential oils

There are so many benefits to using essential oils! You can also use them to make your own car freshener. You can drop a few of your favorite essential oil scents onto a wooden clothespin and clasp it to your air vents. No more unwanted car odors!

5. Old socks

The cup holders in our cars can take a beating, especially if they aren’t given enough cleaning! Take a pair of old socks you don’t mind getting dirty and use them with windex to clean out your cup holders. Use twisting motions to get into the smaller areas or cracks that’s hard to get to.

6. Olive oil

Is your leather dashboard looking dull? If your car gets a lot of sun, it can cause long-term damage to your dashboard especially if it’s a black or dark color. Use olive oil to shine your dashboard! This cleaning solution is natural and non-toxic, too!