Best Cars to Take on a Romantic Date on Valentines

LV Collision best cars to take on a romantic road trip

Buckle up your seatbelts and start up your engine because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again. Take your significant other to a romantic getaway and enjoy the driving along the beautiful sceneries whether in or out of town.

Most Romantic Cars to Take on Your Date

Take the most romantic cars on the most romantic day of the year. A road trip on Valentine’s Day is not only a unique way to celebrate it but also a fun and exciting way to spend some quality time with your date. With a nice car, a beautiful route, a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, your date could never go wrong! Surprise your sweetheart with an elegant date on the road with these cars that will surely add instant romance on your date.

1. Jaguar E-Type

The E has been a sexy car since fifty years ago, and it still hasn’t lost a bit of its allure even now. With its absolute style and charm, you can never go wrong as it also has that classic interior and race-derived running gear.

2. Volkswagen Microbus/Vanagon

Get into a groovy mood with this bus that’s invoking the spirit of peace and good vibes. Not only this will give your date a hippie vibe, but also a unique Valentine feeling.

3. 1970s custom van

It’s just so seductive to have a high-grade stereo gear and a well-upholstered lounge in the back. It’s like taking the Microbus’ general idea and just topping it off with Seventies-style funkiness.

4. Vintage domestic pickup

Nothing beats pickup trucks when it comes to romantic getaways. They have probably figured in more love songs than all other vehicles put together. Your date will surely feel like she’s in an American chick flick movie.

5. Ford Mustang

Sure, the convertible is the natural choice for wind-in-the-hair back road cruising. But any body style is among the classiest and most romantic cars on the road. It’s an all-American sexiness and charm.