How to Avoid Thanksgiving Car Accidents

image of traffic during thanksgiving

The holiday season is a very busy season for everyone not only in terms of shopping but also for driving. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

Be Safe on the Road This Thanksgiving

Holidays are all fun and games until someone gets into an accident. Every year, the Thanksgiving holiday travel period is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Even though holidays are expected to be joyous and festive, mishaps are inevitable. Don’t let yourself be distracted on the road with all the things going on this Thanksgiving. Here are the ways to avoid Thanksgiving car accidents.

1. Travel on a Different Day

Everyone is trying to get to their holiday destination. So try to avoid the busiest days– Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after that.

2. Drive During the Daytime Hours

Driving at night increases the possibility of drowsy driving. So plan ahead to travel during the daytime when you are alert, focused and awake.

3. Stay Overnight

It is understandable for adults to drink during the holidays to have fun. But if you will be too drunk or tired to drive, consider making a hotel reservation or at a friend’s home.

4. Assign a Designated Driver

Appoint someone who will drive to and from the holiday destination. If it’s too long of a drive, consider taking turns to make it less tiring.

5. Avoid Distractions

This is basic– resist the temptation to check your phone. Many drivers on the road are for sure rushed, distracted, or intoxicated, so you have to pay attention to your surroundings.

The Bottom Line

Keep the holiday season light and heartwarming by avoiding unfortunate accidents on the road. Because the holiday seasons are meant to be enjoyed safe and sound at home, with your car parked in the garage looking all good and shiny!