5 Tips On Preparing Your AUDI For The Summer

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The scorching summer heat can be difficult on your Audi. The heat dilates the air inside your tires which makes you cooling systems work hard than usual. With the harsh sun working to its peak, this can accelerate the wear on your drive belts and hoses.

However, with the right care, you can minimize the toll of heat on your Audi.

The following are five tips for preparing your Audi for the summer. What’s the good news? You can do most of these at the comfort of your home.

Check your air conditioning system. Chances are, you don’t use your a/c during the winter, but over the summer, you’re going to need a lot of it. Manage the a/c for a little while and see if cold air blows. You want to pay attention to strange odors and noises as well. If something senses a little off, make sure to have a trusted mechanic inspect the issue. You a/c might need some cleaning, repair in leaks or needs to be recharged for the season.

Pay attention to the battery

Pay attention to the battery. Look at the battery terminals and look for corrosion. You can easily get rid of this with some baking soda, and a toothbrush so make sure to address the issue when you see it. From time and time again, check on its status to see if the corrosion is back. If it has returned, this could mean a more challenging issue. Nowadays, modern batteries do not require maintenance meaning you don’t have to top it with water if necessary.

Don’t forget the coolant. Your car’s reservoir is the coolant. Check its condition and level when you’re going through routine maintenance. You want this to be clear and not cloudy. When you need to have it topped off, work with pre-diluted solutions for ease. Check for online tutorials on how to properly execute this.


Check the brake fluid. If the brake fluids are low, do not top it off. This is because your brake fluids may be similar to the status of your pads. Low levels in brake fluids mean a leakage and other issues that a technician can inspect.

Try an under-the-hood check. We can’t blame you if you didn’t check your car’s status all winter long. But now that it’s warming up, spend an afternoon to inspect your vehicle. Check for its overall performance, so you don’t get caught in an emergency situation.