4 Ways to Prepare Your Car For Winter

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Need to survive the winter? While auto shops in Las Vegas don’t necessarily have to worry about the snow, they will sometimes hear about frequent customers who have brave through a winter storm from another state.

Ways to Prepare Your Car For the Winter

Like those auto shops, we hear it about them too. So when you’re going to another state where it snows, we strongly urge you to prepare yourself. The following are some ways you can prepare.

1. Check the Battery

Your battery will have difficulties running at extremely cold climates. Because of that, what’s merely weak during the summer can result in a dead battery over the winter. One way to avoid this is by having it checked by professional auto mechanics. When it’s necessary, purchase a replacement that will last you for years to come.

2. Don’t Forget the Washer Fluid and Gasoline

Always keep the two of them full for the season. There are several reasons why you should keep your gas tank full because it can prevent water residue from freezing within, and it can also keep your warm if in case you find yourself stuck.

3. Inflate Your Tires

When you’re accelerating, an all-wheel drive can be helpful but not when you’re turning or braking. Because of that, try winter tires especially if you live in places where it snows or if your roads get icy. As a general rule of thumb, if normal temperatures drop to below 45 degrees, you should change your tires. Their purpose is to improve traction when you’re turning or stopping on frosty pavement.

4. Refill Your Coolant

Coolant is sometimes called antifreeze which is incredibly imperative to your vehicle because it prevents it from freezing. Before you’re well into the winter season, ensure your car isn’t low on antifreeze, and make sure that there are no leaks in your engine that might drain out the solution. Many mechanics recommend a 50/50-mix of water and coolant in radiators.