4 Things to Look for When Test Driving a Car

4 Things to Look for When Test Driving a Car

The car we drive say a lot about us.

4 Things to Look for When Test Driving a Car

There’s a lot to take into consideration when investing in a new or used car; make and year, how many miles driven (if used), specific features and more. But it all comes down to how well it drives for you and if it suits your needs as a vehicle. Trust your gut in the process because at the end of the day you’re the one investing in the car you’ll be driving for quite some time. Here at four things to consider when testing driving a car.

1. Steering, acceleration, and handling

When you get behind the wheel of the car consider the way it steers, accelerates, and handles in regards to braking and its turning radius. Get a feel for the car when test driving. Are you comfortable driving and steering it? Get a feel for the pedals. Is the brake and gas pedals (or clutch) sensitive or too heavy? How well does it steer and does the turning radius feel comfortable for you? Pay attention to how well it turns, changes directions and parks (reverse, pull-in, and parallel). How does the ride feel? Is it smooth? How well does it drive on highways and back roads?

2. Comfortability

Take a few moments to observe your surroundings in the driver’s seat view. Are the seats supportive? Are you satisfied with the room and capacity in the car as well as the space and storage for your gadgets, cup holders, etc.? Turn on its climate control system. How well does it cool or heat up the car? If used, does it run efficiently? Also keep in mind of the noise level. Is it quiet or loud enough to your liking? If you’re investing money into this car, you need to picture yourself driving this car everyday and being comfortable in it. This is key!

3. Technology and media

Though this might not be a preference or option for everyone, but check out the car’s technology and media features. If there’s a navigation system, could you get use to it? Does it navigate well? Is this a preference for you? Does the entertainment system including the stereo up to par? How does the sound or music sound in the car? If there’s a voice activation feature, how well does it respond? Do you think you could make it work for you? How well does the car connect to Bluetooth and other devices?

4. Visibility

Safety should be a priority when test driving a car. Get to know the structure of the car itself and pick out any big or small blind spot issues. Are there monitors or sensors that help cater to blind spots? How well can you see out all windows? Visibility isn’t only seeing out the window for safety precautions, but can you pick out the proper gauges and light notifications on the dashboard? It’s crucial to get familiar with you and your car’s safety.