4 Quick Acura Maintenece Tips

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Owning a car comes with significant responsibilities. To keep your vehicle lasting longer, regular maintenance is imperative. Today, we’ll cover tips and advice from brakes, fuel, oils, to timing belts.

1. Brakes

All of the four brakes have audible brake wear indicators. In fact, when the brakes need replacement, you’ll know as you hear a metallic “screeching” sound when you press on the them. When they’re not replaced promptly, you’ll hear the screech get louder and longer.

Sometimes, your brakes will squeal when light pressure is applied to them. But don’t confuse this with the brake wear indicators because they will actually be very audible in sound.

2. Fuel

Generally speaking, Acura suggests purchasing gas from major name-brand stations with high volume.

To stop the buildup of sediments within your motor and fuel system, it is essential to choose combustibles that include sufficient detergent additives. The detergency of some gasoline is inadequate to give stability from such sediments.

3. Oils

Reliable dependability and performance are what Acura is made to be. An essential part of having it that way is utilizing new Acura Genuine Vital Fluids at factory supported interludes.

4. Timing Belts

You want the timing belt inspected whenever it is necessary. And replace it when it’s due. We suggest using an Acura Genuine Timing Belt These timing belts are made for complete fit to stop slips. In addition, they’re constructed with premium, original materials for supreme crack resistance and durability. Other brands can damage your vehicle, so stick with an Acura Genuine Timing Belt so you can drive with ease.

Remember always to get a timely maintenance schedule for your Acura– Stay safe out there! Call us today at Las Vegas Collision Center for more information about a premier repair, so you’re back on the road once again.