4 Hacks for Avoiding Traffic Tickets

image of a car

Yes, we get it– practice defensive driving, look out for the signs and surroundings, pay attention and focus on the road– it’s all basic. But sometimes, motorists tend to overlook and forget even the simplest of all things.

Traffic Tickets are Dodgeable

Whether you are a new driver or the most careful and experienced driver in the world, you may still hear the sirens and notice the police car tailing you. Even if you have no idea of what’s going on or what violation have you made, you don’t need to take another driving lessons to know how to save yourself from all the hassle of a traffic ticket. Fasten your seatbelt and remind yourself of these simple ways on how to avoid it.

Avoid Speeding

Follow the speed limit. Some officers have “magic numbers” for when you exceed a certain speed, you’re theirs. But why wait for that happen when you can just avoid speeding? It doesn’t also help you to to get to your destination faster; it just makes everything much more dangerous.

Keep Your Car Low Profile

For some reasons, fancy sports car and overly-creative car paints and stickers are eye-catchers for the cops. If you keep getting pulled for no real violation, then it maybe because your car is causing a scene.

Don’t Drunk Drive

This is the most obvious and most important way to avoid not only traffic tickets but also life-threatening danger. Driving is not meant for drunk drivers. And cops have zero tolerance for them.

Don’t Talk Your Way Out of a Ticket

Cops don’t like it when you are overly aggressive, but they don’t also like it when you are begging on your knees to get yourself out of that ticket. If you ever get pulled over, stay calm and be polite. Don’t go overboard.

The Bottomline

Rules and regulations are there for a reason. They are not just simply made up for the sake of it, but for safety and convenience. The means are simple, keep them that way.