3 Popular BUICK Models

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With the concepts at the Detroit auto shows, Buick has been on a roll in the automotive industry. For many, the biggest stunner would probably be the Avista which has twin-turbocharged V6, 400-hp, and rear-drive platform.

Even a few years back, Buick won the Best Concept award which really shows a step forward in their innovation.
For millennials, the blacked-out GNX was one of the greatest vehicles shows, but the Buick has been instilled in our minds they made incredible cars to drive on the road. The following are five popular Buick models of all times.

Buick GSX in the 1970s

This vehicle has landed one of the most favorable in consumer picks in the middle of the horsepower battles during the 70s. Still, it had loads of features to work with against its competition with its 455 Stage 1 V8 created with an incredible 510 lb-ft twist.

Buick Century of 1976

Any Buick that’s turbocharged was rooted from this vehicle. The Century pace vehicle utilized about 3.8 liter V6 with 22 psi of help to make a 306 hp. What was described “flamboyant” back then had a red, silver and black paint job.

Buick-March Indy car of 1984

Back then, Scott Brayton maneuvered this vehicle approximately 204 miles per hour in one lap speed. This set records at the time and then in the 90s, Eddie Cheever utilized a variant that could go as high as 236 mph throughout the 1996 Indy 500. Interestingly, this record continues to stand.

Buick GNX of 1987

This was able to deliver up to 276 horsepower from its turbo-six. About 547 of this was made, and it was all colored in black. As a millennial at the time, this was a bit of a semi-classic. I’m still gawking at it to this day.

Buick Regal GS in 2012

This incredible vehicle is impressive from the family of sedans. Derived from a four-cylinder engine, it has a 270 horsepower. What made a highlighting feature for the 201 Buick Regal GS is the manual transmission that came with it. This sure is a collectible.

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